Reception / Year 1

Miss Griffiths

Miss Griffiths

Class Teacher

Reception / Year 1 Class Timetable


Monday P.E. session

Year 1 ‘Show and Tell’

Grwp Glas Readers

Tuesday Grwp Oren Readers
Wednesday Year 1 -Kerbcraft

Reception  ‘Show and Tell’

Grwp Melyn Readers

Homework to be returned

Thursday Grwp Coch Readers
Friday Grwp Porffor Readers

Homework given out

Autumn Term 2015 – Family Album

Throughout the Autumn Term our topic has been Family Album. We have written and  talked about our families. We created self and family portraits and portraits with a friend using paint and pencil. We made models of our family using dough.

We visited St Fagans to find out about what life was like in Wales a long time ago. We met Beti Bwt who told us all about how people used top wash clothes and wrote about our visit in Welsh.

We made a class timeline and personal timelines. We wrote stories about our families and recipes about friendship. We have been learning ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ for our ‘Family Album Afternoon’ to celebrate music from different eras.