Year 2

Mrs Croal

Mrs Croal

Class Teacher
Mrs Lewis

Mrs Lewis

Class Teacher


Autumn Term—Family Album

Spring Term– Electric Rainbow

Summer Term– Supermarket/Growing Things


Our theme this term is ‘Family Album’. This  project  has  a  history  focus  and  teaches  children  about the  chronology  of  their  own  lives  including  their  families. At  the  heart  of  this  project  children  write  simple  narrative stories about their own families and develop additional skills in writing simple and sequenced  sentences.

Staff– Mrs Lewis Mrs Croall

TAs– Mrs Morgan, Mrs Allard, Mrs Mathias


Dates for your Diary

Christmas Trip– Dec 15th To be confirmed

Christmas Party-

Class Assembly-


P.E. Day – Thursday



Reading homework tasks which can be found in the front of the pupils homework books. We ask that you  to complete a different one of these every other week. Reading tasks will go out on a Monday to be returned the following Monday. There will also be Abacus Bug Club reading activities to access online with Active Learn using the same log in details as for the maths homework.

Spelling Journal-

Set on a Wednesday , to be returned the following Monday. Please help your child to learn the spellings, using correct letter formations in their books.

Maths– Abacus Maths homework is set once a week which reinforces the topic we have been learning that week.  The children log in to the Active Learn website with their individual username and password to access the fun activities that reinforce their skills and gains them reward points.

Flic a Fflac Welsh backpack-

Inside the backpack you will find your house guests for the week. They will come home on a Wednesday and must be returned to school by the following Monday at the latest, to ensure everyone gets their turn. In the bag you will find a Welsh Diary entitled Dyma Flic a Fflac with instructions to guide you at home. There will also be lots of additional items in the bag to make their stay more enjoyable and educational for the children.